Overwatch Season 8 of Competitive Play Has Begun, and Here’re the Updates You Need to Know

The wait is over!

The eighth season of Overwatch’s Competitive Play has finally gone live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Unlocking at Level 25 (much like its previous seasons), competitive play is up with a couple of breezy and thrilling changes for players who would love to indulge in serious gaming experience. 

What’s New?

Here’s the info of tweaks & adjustments introduced in the way skill rating works in this season of Competitive Play-

The maximum Skill Rating difference between the highest and the lowest skill rated player on the same team has been reduced. The new ranges are:

1000 SR for Bronze through Diamond

500 SR for Master

250 SR for Grandmaster

"This change is expected to aid players at both the lower and higher limits of Skill Rating get placed with allies and against opponents of a similar skill level, hence likely to result in more satisfying games overall."

Moreover, there are Personal Performance Skill Rating Adjustment updates as well. Now much controversial personal performance SR system has been turned off for diamond-tiered players and above. This should help players focus more on winning matches rather than emphasizing on their individual performance. 

The new Competitive Season 8 will test your mettle- it’ll demand you to formulate smarter strategies to prove the skills of your hero and outmatch the competitors. Power up your gaming machine and get started to rule the battlefield!

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Posted at 2 years ago

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