Numbani: A hybrid map is back in Overwatch

Overwatch is the most beloved first-person shooter game not just because of its graphical fidelity but due to several other impressive things like color composition, animation, unique character design, voice work, and more. Every week a brand new update goes live on the server to engage gamers from all around the world. Over the last three weeks, players find the apparent disappearance of Numbani. It's a Hybrid map in the game served as the Backdrop for both Doomfist and Orisa’s origin stories. It mysteriously gets vanished from the gameplay for weeks but now, weeks later, the map is back in Overwatch.

At first, players noted this map had gone disappeared some days after the “Storm Rising” kicked off. Many players speculated different reasons regarding the disappearance of the map and had continued to do the same till yesterday, but suddenly the map returned as part of the update that also introduced Overwatch’s newest map, Havana. After such update goes live on the server, Dan Maas, the senior game producer of Overwatch explained on the game's forum regarding the Numbani’s disappearance. This map was out of the map rotation just because of some technical errors.

Posted at 2 months ago

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