Moira's New Voice Lines Will Aid to Keep Teammates Informed

Overwatch addicts, a new Overwatch patch is in testing on the PTR!

All in all, you can see this patch as a small bunch of wee fixes, but a tweak which is actually valuable among all is the fact that Moira has got some new voice lines. 

Support class hero Moira can heal many of her allies simultaneously. There are times when she runs out of healing resources and can’t help her allied players who spam the "I need healing!" button, begging for Moira players to save them. Her two new voice lines are intended to keep her allies informed about the same. These voice lines are triggered when Moira runs out of healing juice. This adjustment will come in handy for those players who can’t use their in-game microphone. 

The voice lines—"I need to recharge" and "not yet" will let her allies know that the Moira is not deliberately ignoring calls for healing; she just can't do anything until her resources are recharged.

These new voice lines, as well as a few minor changes are in testing with a major Overwatch PTR patch. Along with this practical Moira tweak, Blizzard has given Brigitte a consistent friendly ultimate line “Rally to Me” which will update players exactly when Brigitte uses her ultimate ability. 

The previous Overwatch patch was all about Reaper and Mei buff. Blizzard also came up with an “Avoid as Teammate” button that allows players to avoid playing with certain Overwatch players. Though none of the changes are yet finalized, as is the case with all PTR patches. There isn’t any confirmation from Blizzard about how long these adjustments will stay on the Overwatch PTR.

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Posted at 1 year ago

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