Have Zeal to Write? Maybe, You Can Join Team Overwatch!

Ardent and talented Overwatch players, here is something that you would love to hear! If you have a creative aura, know the art of storytelling, and a fascination to write everything awesome, you can explore these coming job listings from Blizzard. The company is on the lookout to hire a new writer to their staff. Though, it is uncertain what the person in charge of this position will create, but considering all of the one-shot videos, digital comic books and events like Uprising, it is expected that Blizzard would be willing take an imaginative individual on board who can add more to the lore of this world and its imminent future.

Here’s a brief description of the job-

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented and experienced creative writer to join the Overwatch team. Duties will include dialogue writing, research, editing, story development, and intellectual property management. The ideal candidate has proven success as a published writer, outstanding people skills, and an absolute passion for Overwatch.


·         Quickly write and iterate on compelling dialogue for characters, missions, and scenes

·         Grow and add value to the Overwatch universe, while maintaining the vision

·         Contribute to the story development of the Overwatch universe

·         Write descriptions of the world, factions, characters, and history

·         Do research gathering and documentation for the Overwatch world

·         Perform editing tasks as needed

·         Perform other duties that may be assigned by team management

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