Details Announced For Overwatch’s ‘Year Of The Dog’ Event

Event Coming with Six Legendary Skins and the Newest Map Set Up in Thailand!

Blizzard confirmed the other day about Overwatch’s Lunar New Year seasonal event titled "Year Of The Dog" (As per the Chinese zodiac, this year is the Year Of The Dog). It is returning to the game this Thursday, on 8th of February.

See the video preview

In the recent developer update video, the director of this massively popular FPS game Jeff Kaplan announces the introduction of a new map to the game. The map is taking place in Thailand with a new version of last year’s arcade mode, capture-the-flag.

Kaplan says- “One side of the map is ancient and shows some temple that’s very gorgeous and the other side is bright and beautiful and very modern. We think you’ll enjoy it, but the coolest part, in my opinion, is it’s the first map that we’ve ever built specifically for Capture the Flag.

The Overwatch team has tweaked the rules of capture-the-flag for this year's event. Paying heed to the feedback received from the last year's event, “draws” in matches have been removed and a sudden-death mechanic is incorporated to commence if a tie is imminent. Also, six new legendary skins are also introduced- skins confirmed for Genji, Mercy, and the Widowmaker based on the thumbnail of the video.

The event is kicking off on this February 8- mark the date and celebrate the Year of the Dog in 2018.

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