5 Tips & Takeaways to Help You Win All Overwatch Placement Games

5 Tips & Takeaways to Help You Win All Overwatch Placement Games

When going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Peeps, doesn’t this uber-famous English expression rightly say why you should strive to win all your Overwatch placement games? However, if the influx of new players as well as, the prodigious existing competition gives you panic attacks quite often, check these 5 tips and learn how to win the most of (aim for all) Overwatch placement games. Here you go-

  1. Find Some Good Time To Spend

Make sure to play Overwatch when you have ample of time in hand. Don’t queue up for a game if you don’t have enough time to play. Beat in your head that having to leave early and abandoning your team is not a way to go. 

  1. Start Playing Ranked Only When You are Ready for Real

Yes, don’t rush. We know the new competitive play is hard to resist and you want to get your new rank asap. But if you aren’t sure about maps, heroes, or you feel you aren’t good enough, don’t jump to competitive play. Wait a few weeks, work on yourself and join the game empowered.

  1. Join Group Chat

For improved communication, do join the Overwatch’s default vocal communication option group chat. This is a superlative way to at least attempt to communicate with your teammates before they flame you.  

  1. Don’t Play Late At Night

Playing Overwatch late at night is a bad, BAD idea. After a whole long day you get exhausted, so do your teammates. To add more, not many people play OW midnight, which means the matchmaker struggles more to form a balanced team. Possibly, one of the teams may come across more strong- why take a chance, right?

  1. Never Give Up

While playing Overwatch, always have a never say die attitude. The gameplay of Overwatch is far from that of League of Legends where a winning team enjoys the edge. Trust us, a team fight can transform the gaming scenario in no time. So, never give up!

This is all folks. These tips from pro rosters of Srboosting.com will aid you to win most of Overwatch placement games. If you still find yourself struggling somewhere, do connect with us- we offer the best Overwatch Boosting solutions. Explore the offerings here. 

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