Pharah continues to be a favorite selection in Overwatch since she has a wide range of abilities. An Overwatch player revealed simple trick to improve Pharah's Ultimate.

Posted at 3 weeks ago

Recently, an Overwatch player has made B.O.B. a “playable” character with the Workshop. It allowed Overwatch players to get a huge amount of control when creating new game modes.

Posted at 1 month ago

Overwatch: Blizzard Releases PTR Update for Workshop UI and Health Issues. The most recent update is released on May 8, with possible fixes to numerous UI issues.

Posted at 2 months ago

Over the last three weeks, players find the apparent disappearance of Numbani in Overwatch. This Hybrid map mysteriously gets vanished from the gameplay but now, the map is back.

Posted at 2 months ago

Overwatch Storm Rising event will kick-off from April 16 and wrap on May 6. Players will have approximately three weeks to enjoy this part of the game.

Posted at 3 months ago

Blizzard previously revealed the Circus Clown Junkrat, and Talon Baptiste skins and now they officially announced the Scientist Moria skin.

Posted at 3 months ago

Overwatch coach Jacob 'Spilo' Clifton talked with Dexerto regarding what gamers can do to get the most out of Wrecking ball AKA Hammond.

Posted at 4 months ago

Ashe is the new and 29th hero of Overwatch. She is a wild west-style gunslinger and a member of the Deadlock Gang. The visual design of Ashe is impressive and unique.

Posted at 5 months ago

Brigitte is undoubtedly one of the most controversial heroes in Overwatch. This time, Brigitte has made some trouble yet again.

Posted at 5 months ago

Check out the latest update on two new skins coming for Orisa and Tracer.

Posted at 6 months ago

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