Check out the League of Legends 5 Best Top Laners in The Patch 8.19!

Posted at 6 days ago

Fans of League of Legends have something to celebrate- Riot Games has finally developed an updated map of Runeterra.

Posted at 3 weeks ago

League of Legends patch 8.17 has been released for quite some time now. Here’s a small list of the most selected Junglers in the 8.17 patch.

Posted at 1 month ago

New stats tab is now active and players can use it to find creative ways of overcoming the challenges in League of Legends!

Posted at 2 months ago

The official website has revealed that Nunu and his yeti will now be together.

Posted at 2 months ago

January 23 is officially announced as LOL season 9 start date. Check out our website to get LOL boost.

Posted at 2 months ago

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