The massive Forsaken expansion released by Destiny 2 and now can enjoy the tons of new supers. The Spectral Blades for Nightstalker Hunters is the main highlight. Check out details here.

Posted at 7 days ago

Destiny 2's Thunderlord: How to Get It in Season 6? Since the announcement of Thunderlord quest's return, many speculations have been made. Check out here.

Posted at 4 weeks ago

Destiny 2 has long been teasing its fans for something called Season of the Drifter, Arc Week. The developer of the game finally reveal how Arc Week works.

Posted at 1 month ago

Check out certain changes in Destiny 2 power slots in the Season of the Drifter.

Posted at 2 months ago

The new revelation is added to destiny in an update of last week. This might be quite tough for you so here we are going to explain it or you can watch videos on the social media communities.

Posted at 3 months ago

Know where to finf XUR in Destiny 2 and unveil exciting weapons.

Posted at 4 months ago

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