This is Why Players Will Enjoy Call of Duty Black Ops 4!

Recently, Treyarch has announced the release date of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. On 12th of October, fans all around the world will finally get a taste of this much-anticipated edition of the game. The game will be available on the leading platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Microsoft Windows. 

The game’s official page on the Microsoft store indicates that the game size is around 42.62 GB. The download for Xbox One is also expected to be close to this figure. 

It seems as if the new version of Call of Duty won’t have a comic campaign. However, the game features a comic series. The comics are highly graphical and players can read these stories to learn more about the characters.   

This is great news for people who enjoy the storylines of the game. Developers haven’t been clear about the features yet. However, it can be confirmed that the game has several solo missions that revolve around the specialists. Developers have indicated that these solo missions will help players understand the specialists available in multiplayer mode. 

Essentially, the solo missions will provide players with a backstory of the specialists. Players will know why certain characters are present in the game. They’ll understand who they work for, what operations they specialize in and their personality traits. 

This way, players will feel more attached to the specialists in the multiplayer mode. The series of solo missions will also help players in expanding their skill set and facing the multiplayer mode with more confidence. 

Posted at 9 months ago

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