Know What the Director Revealed About Hardcore Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 release is just a few weeks away now. The game is expected to be a lot different than previous versions. The game now features the battle royale game mode – Blackout and the regular campaign has been removed. 

Usually, the developers remain tight-lipped about the features of the new version. But recently, Treyarch has shared an update about the hardcore playlist in Black Ops 4. The update was revealed after a twitter exchange between design director David Vonderhaar and a fan. 


 were confused about whether Black Ops 4 would have a Hardcore mode at launch or not. The hardcore mode is more realistic and unforgiving, which gives players a taste of a real war. In this mode, players have limited HUD, realistic health, and friendly fire can eliminate teammates. Due to the confusion, the players of the COD community thought that Black Ops 4 won’t feature hardcore mode.   

So, Vonderharr deleted the message that led to the confusion and clarified by making a new tweet. The tweet read – “Before this gets lost in translation, I was answering a question about hardcore in Blackout, not Blackops. Cheers.” So, it appears that Black Ops 4 may not ship with a hardcore mode available.  However, players will get to play the regular multiplayer hardcore playlists. 

The hardcore mode was first introduced in Modern Warfare 4. Since then, it has been an integral part of every new version of the game. Not every player enjoys playing this mode. But, a large number of players certainly do and needed an explanation after the confusion caused due to the twitter exchange. 

Posted at 9 months ago

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